B.A (Psychology), B.App.Sc/B.H.Sc (Chiropractic) with Distinction, RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training & Cert.Meds.Hol.Couns (IMTTA)

Dr Sarah Jane was always searching for something more, and after placing the word ‘meaningful’ into a job search site stumbled across a Chiropractic Assistant Role for a Network Chiropractor. It was the only position to come up under the keyword, so despite having little to no experience applied and received the position.


This was the first time Sarah Jane felt like ‘home’ somewhere, and fell immensely in love with what Network Chiropractic brought to the community not just physically but mindfully & spiritually.


After completing a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Psychology and Minor in Philosophy at Deakin University Dr Sarah Jane then went on to study Chiropractic- a thought-provoking five year/full time double degree.


She graduated from RMIT University obtaining a Bachelor of Health Science (Chiropractic)/Bachelor of Clinical Science (Chiropractic) with Distinction and was a Golden Key Society Member after achieving in the top 15% academically. Dr Sarah Jane was also awarded by the Chiropractic Association of Australia in 2017 for her Community Service within Indigenous Communities.


In 2017, Sarah Jane travelled to India with 9 peers chosen to participate in the Hands On Health program and delivered Chiropractic treatment to approximately 600 people in need. Dr Sarah Jane has volunteered extensively at other Hands On Health locations on the Mornington Peninsula and within Indigenous communities in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, delivering affordable Chiropractic care to the public.


Dr Sarah Jane is a Chiropractor, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Holistic Counsellor, Energy Healer and has an extensive interest in learning about world religions, culture, nature, animals, food, art, self-improvement, spirituality and ultimately living in alignment with her true purpose.


Her goal is to empower you on your health and wellness journey, through light yet powerful touch, breath work and by honouring your body’s communication. Dr Sarah Jane utilises the latest techniques and works within an evidence base framework.


Ash is a natural when it comes to helping others, she has a high sense of intuition and compassion that enables her to connect to others with ease.

Ash is an avid reader, with a keen interest in self-development, spirituality and psychology.

Having completed her Bachelor in Psychology and Cert in Holistic Counselling, Ash is keen to expand her knowledge base and will be undertaking a course in Emotional/Metaphysical Kinesiology throughout the year which she will be incorporating into her sessions. 


As a Holistic Counsellor, Mind/Body Energetic Practitioner and Meditation/Breathwork Facilitator, Ash is passionate about bringing your spiritual, mental and emotional health into balance. Through her own interactions along her holistic healing journey, Ash understands the ups and downs we all go through, and offers a sincere and genuine approach to her sessions with clients.


Ash has a variety of techniques and tools that assist with easing and controlling anxiety, silencing negative self-talk & belief patterns, overcoming intrusive thoughts and trusting in your relationship with self and with others. 


Ash offers clients a warm, calm and nurturing approach to build confidence within themselves to overcome the challenges, obstacles or boundaries being faced and achieve their full potential spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Ash will be there with you every step of the way and offer clarity when life can feel foggy.


Through her holistic approach, Ash looks at the whole person and the environment that they're in. in order to achieve balance and a sense of fulfilment in her clients life.

© Dr Sarah Jane- Gentle Chiropractor & Yoga Teacher